Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top Website Traffic Tips

3 Top Website Traffic Tips

"Website Traffic Tips"

 1. Social Bookmarking

The 3 top social bookmarking sites are Digg, Reddit, and Delicious. These sites get over 8 million unique visitors each month. It is achievable to funnel off some of this traffic to your website. But ensure you write content that readers will enjoy and/or find useful. The most popular content on social bookmarking sites are usually check lists, “Top 10” lists, tools & resources, and breaking news

2. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo dominates the Question and Answers arena. Thousands and thousands of questions every day  about nearly every niche and industry you can imagine are asked. A quick search for the term “Search Engine Optimization” shows over 1,300 questions that can be answered. The key solution  to driving massive amounts of traffic from Yahoo Answers is to give genuinely helpful quality answers, which will help increase your search engine ranking. Instead of trying to create a blatant advertisement for your website work on becoming an authority in your industry or niche. 

3. Squidoo

Squidoo ( is full of 100% user generated content that allows you to create what’s called a “lens.” A lens is a page about a specific topic that you choose to write about (usually something you’re knowledgeable in). After creating your lens other people can find it by searching for terms and keywords related to your lens. Its very easy to rank Squidoo lenses for competitive terms that would prove to be a challenge for websites with lesser authority. Creating a lens on Squidoo gives you 2 key traffic opportunities:
  • When people use search engines and search for keywords related to your lens it will sometimes show up in the top search results if it’s relevant enough to the search phrase. This means you can get drones of targeted traffic to your lens from search engines that you can funnel into your website.
  • Squidoo has a huge community of active users that use Squidoo to find things they want to know more about. Squidoo currently gets over 9.5 million unique visitors a month and they’re still growing steadily.